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MotoEzee is designed with smart features to make your automobile workshop management and operations lighter and easier, right from customer creation down to raising an invoice.

MotoEzee Analyse & understand

Enhance Customer Relations

     MotoEzee Analyse & understand your customers Send automated notification to your customers.    

Improved Scheduling

Improved Scheduling

MotoEzee provides high-level summaries on all mechanic’s hours and tasks.efficiency is improved through features such as barcoding of parts etc.


Monitor Performance

You can Monitor Performance using with sales and purchase ledger management,Comprehensive reporting.

Productivity & Savings

Productivity & Savings

By using MotoEzee as part of a multi-faceted maintenance strategy your fleets will experience cost savings through a more efficient repair process.

MotoEzee App

For people on the go, our App provides easy access to features and personalized settings on the go, anywhere, anytime. It has a responsive and user friendly interface and Compatible with all Android devices. MotoEzee App provides Dashboard to display and analyze critical information regarding Garage functioning, Estimate number.

The App Provides Vehicle Gate entry record maintenance, Estimate and Job card with provision to repair Vehicles. App ensures Billing & Invoicing, bar code reader, Job Card History and Workshop control. This app streamlines the whole process linked to desktop and helps ensure records always meet the required standard.

Garage management Android Application

MotoEzee Top Features

MotoEzee is a fully-featured garage management System,
which includes all the features required for the end-to-end running of your garage or workshop business.
Every aspect of the day-to-day running of your business, from estimate to invoice can be managed using the one solution,
without the need for additional third-party products.



Add, edit and manage customer profiles, records, order history to improve customer relationship.

Inventory Control

Manage various inventory equipment and keep track of stocks which are running low with ease.

Invoice Management

Convert completed services to invoice billings automatically to avoid duplication of data entry.

Vehicle details

Add and manage vehicle details such as model, color, insurance, COE, past records and so on.

MotoEzee Dashboard,Garage Dashboard


MotoEzee is a fully-featured garage management System,
which includes all

  • Basic version has an impressive list of in-built features to suit small, medium and big automobile workshop management.
  • Premium, our high end offering with smart upgrades is meant for the discerning customers.
  • An upgrade for the one who has expansion plans in mind. Projects your professionalism through a features rich package.

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